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We handle the classic consulting assignments as consultants through Consideo GmbH. This can involve systemic strategy development, tool-supported "syntegration", the design of corporate and team cultures, the development of products (Idealized System Design), process optimization (Theory of Constraints) or even scientific projects and research. As researchers we mainly work on sustainability topics with qualitative and quantitative cause-effect models.

Prominent models/projects are for example

- the Integrated Assessment Model (participatory stakeholder modeling)
to investigate the gap between knowledge and action in terms of sustainability

- the D3 simulation model with over 4,000 factors
on the potentials of societal transformation

- the D3 EE and the GEE(R) model for the national and global energy transition,
respectively, in their economic costs

- models for e-mobility

- agriculture and forestry in the world and whether we can feed it (based on FAO data)

- the bioeconomy in Africa

- artificial intelligence and dynamics that lead to dystopian development

- horizon scanning, foresight

- and many more. (see publications)

With ilsa Coaching and Consulting I act as a consultant only if it is explicitly about the KNOW-WHY approach, or if the projects should be more freelance (e.g. teaching) and anonymous (e.g. political issues abroad).

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