Systems Thinking: The KNOW-WHY-method


Cope with any of your complex challenges... enrolling in one of our workshop. 

We start every Open Workshop listing your existing challenges. For Inhouse-Workshops, of course, we choose and discuss the topics in advance, aiming towards using ‘Action Learning’.

In all of our workshops you will learn how to reflect on the crucial factors to your challenge with systems thinking through the KNOW-WHY-Thinking. You will be taught to do so both with and without the use of the intuitive software iMODELER.

As a result you will get a cause-impact-model you can continue to
work even after the workshop.

We offer additional coaching on the job, personal, via e-mail or
even by telephone. (see Coaching)

The KNOW-WHY-Thinking includes some everyday life lessons and psychological insights, e.g. some aspects of emotional intelligence or how to increase consciousness to get more reflection on what you are doing and who you are. You will also learn to monitor the general properties of successful systems, like organizations, products, projects, managements, strategies, individuals etc.. They have to be in a holonic balance between development and integration.

The workshops are fun, lively and filled with practical exercises. And if you are not satisfied, we will even provide a full refund.

After visiting a workshop you will receive a certificate for becoming an official


For 75 EUR plus VAT you can send us your own example of a cause-impact-model built with the KNOW-WHY-Method together with three examples of practical KNOW-WHY-Thinking to get a profound feedback and the certificate for a

Please also ask for possibilities to get an Inhouse-Workshop in your country.

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