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The world is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. For businesses, competition, opportunities, and risks are growing fast and globally! Despite all advances of civilization we face environmental crisis, poverty, depletion of natural resources, and even in exceedingly rich countries, an increasingly unhappy population.

According to studies (e.g. from the Boston Consulting Group and the Bertelsmann Stiftung) systems thinking is the crucial qualification of decision takers and managers, if not all of us. Our brain is limited to the understanding of an interplay of no more than 4 factors though most challenges we face deal with more than 4 factors. Therefore we need to visualize and analyze the interplay of these factors through the use of tools and methods to cope with their underlying complexity. Few decision takers are acquainted with systems thinking and the use of tools and this is why they face seemingly unmanageable problems in business, politics, society, and also in their private personal lives.

As a consultant, trainer, lecturer, book-author and coach for many years I have experience in effectively implementing systems thinking on an extremely practical level with the KNOW-WHY* approach. And as one of the heads of the renowned Consideo GmbH I am offering you the leading software in systems thinking, the revolutionary iMODELER.

KNOW-WHY-Thinking and its use with the KNOW-WHY-Method are presented in my books, in our workshops and and here on . If you ask WHY things are and on what their success depends and if you continue asking so for the given answers you will be well on your way to get to the evolutionary pattern of success. According to this meta systemic approach, long term success depends integration and development. If something does both it rides on top of the wave of success (the KNOW-WHY-wave shown with the ilsa-Logo). Yet if it only develops it will fall off the wave. And if it doesn’t  develop the wave moves on and something slightly sinks down.

It is probably the first way of systems thinking everyone can use on a daily basis - with or without the help of software. You can think of every challenge that comes your way or of almost any topic from a newspaper and reflect or discuss it while considering the wave and the systemic need for integration and development.

Know-How is the recipe of someone else from elsewhere and from another point of time.
KNOW-WHY is to explore what will work for what reason effectively in your individual situation.

Though based in Germany, a network of partners and I, are willing to provide this way of thinking to anyone in the world. We provide remote coaching and consulting and are used to travel.

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*   most comparable to KNOW-WHY-thinking seems to be Arthur Koestler’s theory of Open Hierarchical Systems (OHS), or holonic thinking. The MODELER and KNOW-WHY-Method and KNOW-WHY-Thinking are applied by a variety of  trainer, consultants, coaches, renowned companies and organizations worldwide.